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Complete Inventory [C++]

A C++ based inventory with features like moving, swapping, splitting and merging items. Includes item pickup, dropping and implementing stats.

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    5.1 - 5.3
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Complete Inventory adds all the necessary features of an inventory system to your project. Interaction is based on dragging and dropping items and includes everything from merging to custom splits. This plugin also implements cross-inventory interaction.

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Items are based on a C++ structure and their creation and editing is within a data table. Supports stat creation and contains functions for their application. Item usage is also included, with a highly customizable approach where you can specify what happens when you use it as well as if you want the item to decrease in stack, all on a per-item basis. You can design the equipment slots in any way you want, this plugin supports multiple identical equipment slots and runtime inventory expansion and shrinking. Widgets are created in C++ and their functionality is intended to be there, while editing how they look can be done in UMG as well. Code is very clean, everything is documented, and there is also no Event Tick usage or unnecessary updates.

Textures used in this plugin are free for distribution and come from the following websites:

Plugin Dependencies:

  • EnhancedInput

This plugin is recommended for C++ based projects as editing and extension is based on extending the code, not just blueprints.



  • Data Table Design for Items
  • Moving/Swapping/Splitting/Merging/Equipping Items
  • Item Dropping (Dragging or Just One Click)
  • Halving Stacks Shortcut (Ctrl + Double-Click)
  • Stackable Items
  • Using Items
  • Inventory Currency and Item Values in Coins
  • Item Pickup and Dropping
  • Items can have Different Meshes
  • Pick-upable Gold/Currency Items
  • Stat Creation (Health, Armor, Critical Chance etc..)
  • Item Tooltip
  • Interaction Between Multiple Inventories
  • Transfer Items With a Double Click
  • Customizable Inventory Size
  • Dynamic Inventory Size (Changeable at Runtime)
  • Easily Expandable to Other Systems (Shops, Looting etc..)

Code Modules:

  •  CompleteInventory [Runtime]

Number of Blueprints: 5

Number of C++ Classes: 11

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development/Target Build Platforms: Only Win64 officially supported, but all should work

Documentation: Link