Clipboard Kit

Nebula Dev - 代码插件 - 2023/09/27

A plugin that provides easy-to-use functions for copying, pasting, checking text content, and determining if the clipboard is empty within Unreal Engine projects.

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ClipboardKit is the essential Unreal Engine plugin that streamlines clipboard operations, allowing you to effortlessly manage text within your projects. With ClipboardKit, you can enhance the user experience, streamline data handling, and build more interactive and user-friendly Unreal Engine projects. Simplify your clipboard operations today with ClipboardKit.



  • Easy-to-use functions for copying text to the clipboard.
  • Retrieve text from the clipboard effortlessly.
  • Check if specific text is available in the clipboard.
  • Determine if the clipboard is empty.
  • Platform-specific compilation settings for Windows (Win64).

Clipboard Kit provides the following functions:

  • CopyTextToClipboard: Copy text to the clipboard.
  • GetClipboardText: Get text from the clipboard.
  • GetClipboardTextPure: Get text from the clipboard (pure).
  • IsClipboardTextAvailable: Check if the clipboard contains a specified text.
  • IsClipboardTextAvailablePure: Check if the clipboard contains a specified text (pure).
  • IsClipboardEmpty: Check if the clipboard is empty.
  • IsClipboardEmptyPure: Check if the clipboard is empty (pure).

Code Modules:

  • ClipboardKit (Runtime)

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 1

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

  • Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms:

  • Windows (Win64)

Documentation: Plugin Documentation

Example Project: Here

Important/Additional Notes:

  • This plugin provides clipboard functionality tailored for Windows (Win64) platforms.