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lyoshko - 蓝图 - 2022/08/06

[Product from Ukraine] Drivable, highly customizable, detailed City Bus with interior. Short 4-wheel Bus or long 6-wheel articulated Bus

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    5.0 - 5.4
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Leoforio City Bus.

Perfect for city visualization, drivable game, multiplayer game

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🎮 City Bus Demo Game

Model is created with high detalization, but no unnecessary polygons added to model.

Bus is made with performance in mind: optimized blueprint, optimized meshes. Nanite used where applicable. Transparent meshes have efficient LODs.

Bus blueprint makes use of all Nanite advantages: high detalization, less normal map usage, less draw calls. Bus is tested and optimized for Lumen usage.

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  • Drivable vehicle
  • Short 4-wheel Bus or long 6-wheel articulated Bus in one blueprint
  • Unique design: no copyright problems
  • Sounds: Horn (H), Engine (Electric/Diesel), Brakes, Tire, Turn indicator, Doors
  • Materials with tweakable parameters (Body, Plastic, Glass...)
  • Select one of 8 exterior and 8 interior presets or customize colors and materials
  • 4 seat fabric patterns
  • Customizable, randomizable Registration Plates
  • Doors can be opened (press Num 1,2,3)
  • Kneeling (press Num 5 or open doors)
  • Headlights (press L), stop lights, reverse, dashboard lights
  • Headlight realistic high/low beams (press K)
  • Turn lights (press <, >), hazard lights (press /)
  • Dashboard screen (shows Odometer, Trip Distance, Speed, Opened doors, Turn signals, Low/High Beam)
  • Driver and passengers inside (not for close-up shots)
  • Optional Air Contidioner meshes on roof
  • Flip back on wheels (press R)
  • Multiplayer ready
  • Engine start/stop (press E)
  • Enhanced Input support
  • Gamepad support
  • City map for testing included
  • Compatible with Rush Hour - Vehicle Animator


Texture Sizes:

  • 2048x2048 (tire, flakes)
  • 2048x1024 (decals)
  • 64x64 to 1024x1024 (other)

Number of Meshes: 69

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 66

Number of Textures: 44

ChaosVehiclesPlugin is used and must be enabled in project

Currently I don't know a way to record movement of Articulated Bus with Take Recorder

Update 09/2022: more smooth steering wheel rotation

Update 02/2023: dashboard font fix in UE5.1

Update 05/2023: minor bug fix

Update 04/2024: minor fix, Enhanced Input, gamepad support (UE5.2+)

Update 05/2024: fixed car paint material

Update 06/2024: significant performance optimization

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