EXGEN Procedural Materials

AlexandrosDemetriades - 10月 31, 2020

Procedural Meshes

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    4.24 - 4.26
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EXGEN is comprised of a collection of mathematical functions that let you generate parametric shapes of all sorts including fences, grilles, manholes, wall effects, architectural facades for fast and easy creations. Each master material is made up of a singular shape function combined with some additional common parameters that lets you add effects such as a border, additional wires as well as the ability to reconfigure the original shape in a circular fashion including additional texture parameters. All textures are applied using a world aligned function but can be turned to local space should it be required. In addition you have the option to bake any of the texture parameters for further optimization should it be required.



*All of the functions present can be used in conjunction with Extile' non-repetitive functions to further enhance your materials.

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·        21 X Exgen Master Materials

·        35 X Material Instances

·        1 X Bake Texture Blueprint

·        29 X Material Functions

Number of Texture sets: 5 (Textures from https://cc0textures.com)

Number of Texture masks: 2

Texture Resolutions: (512/2k)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Documentation: Included in the project folder and in the project level itself.