Rope Cutting with Physics - C++ Plugin - Cable Slicing Destruction

PrecisionGaming - 代码插件 - 2021/01/07

C++ Actor Component to simulate cable like objects with physics and destruction. The sliced off sections can be further cut. Many options for customizing appearance, effects and physics.

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    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
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Please do not purchase for UE5 - this product is intended for use with UE4

It was developed for UE4 (using the PhysX system) and is not configured for UE5 (which uses the newer Chaos system).

New customers wanting to use this plugin with UE5 are advised to postpone purchase until the release of a new Rope product. Optimised for UE5. No ETA on release.

I ported this plugin to UE5 for the benefit of pre-existing customers who are wiling to debug/modify it. 

Here is the UE5 set up guide (meant only for pre-existing customers)

Previous engine versions are working as normal.


The 2022 Update is now available for download. New support documentation is under construction.

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Run real-time rope simulations with dynamic cutting. Includes options for customisation. Intended for non-essential applications. Please use with moderation, as it is performance intensive.


  • Runtime Cutting,
  • Physics simulations,
  • Component based (so can be added to actors as a child component),
  • Skeletal and Static Mesh attachment (not Character Pawns),
  • Built in C++ for optimal performance,
  • Use any static mesh to customise rope (should have an appropriate shape and tile seamlessly in the x-axis),
  • Particles emitted and sound played on cut,
  • Simple project integration (supplied as a plugin),
  • Spawn at runtime.

------------------------------------------->More Compatible Meshes Are Available Here!

This is a low priced rope solution from a novice coder. Please do not expect too much from it. It is not a perfect solution.

I do not recommend using this rope system for attaching player characters (for swinging and climbing). The reason being that I do not have enough time to provide adequate support for such a complex and error prone usage scenario.


Important - Please read

  • Please back up your work and test this product before deciding to use with your projects. You assume responsibility for its incorporation and potential incompatibility with your specific use case scenario.
  • This product is performance intensive.
  • Please do not use this plugin for core gameplay. It was designed to be used for non essential purposes.
  • This plugin can be used with blueprint only projects, however the project must be converted to a code based project and compiled with visual studios to package the finished project.
  • No network replication. It is a physics based system, so is unsuitable for network replication.
  • I will provide support within the scope of the Rope components stated functionality (as described on this store page). I am willing to assist with attempts to extend functionality but such additional support is offered on a discretionary basis.
  • This product can be used to make more complex systems such as puzzles, traps and rope swings - these more complex systems lie outside the scope of this product's listing. Promotional videos and tutorial content pertaining to expanded capabilities are solely intended to showcase the plugin's versatility.
  • Supported Development/Target Build Platforms: Win64