Buttons and Levers

lyoshko - 道具 - 2024/04/17

Variety of Buttons, Levers, Knobs, Switches, Indicators to make your game interactive

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    5.2 - 5.4
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🎮 Buttons and Levers Demo Game

Buttons and Levers pack includes variety of meshes and blueprints which you can use to control anything in your level.

Meshes are ready to be used in your blueprint with needed logic. Blueprints also included.

Button/Lever blueprints feature:

  • Change color and dirt
  • Two states (ON and OFF), animation between them
  • Player interaction system example (with interactive crosshair and mesh highlight)
  • Sound
  • Actions (can be called from Events or via interaction): Toggle ON/OFF, Switch ON+OFF (press and release button), Turn ON, Turn OFF
  • Events can be called from Sequencer
  • Event dispatchers: Switched ON, Switched OFF, Switched ON+OFF, Switched (bind any world action to dispatchers)
  • BP_Indicators can be binded to Buttons/Levers. 5 types of indicator behaviour included: ON/OFF with Switch, OFF/ON with Switch (vice versa), Toggle ON+OFF, Turn ON, Turn OFF
  • Can be scaled to any size

Indicator blueprints feature:

  • Change color and dirt
  • Two states (ON and OFF)
  • OFF can be with no emissive or with emissive of second color
  • Blinking
  • Events to control Indicator from your level: Turn ON, Turn OFF, Toggle ON/OFF
  • Events can be called from Sequencer
  • Can be binded to Button/Lever
  • Can be scaled to any size

Buttons and Levers pack includes:

Blueprints (26): Button (7), Indicator (3), Knife Switch, Knobs (3), Levers (5), Valve, Parent (2), Helpers (4)

Meshes (71): Buttons (14), Indicators (3), Knobs (6), Valve (2), Labels (7), Levers (10), Knife Switch (2), Assembled meshes (27)

Materials (25): Master (6), PostProcess highlight (1), Knobs (3), Levers (3), Buttons_Indicators (6), Labels (6)

Textures (23): Butons (7), Knobs (6), Labels (4), Levers (6)

Demo level with different blueprint features set up. Here you can learn how to set up interaction properly.

Each material has customizable dirt amount. Buttons and Indicators also can change color.


Each mesh feature:

  • High quality geometry and UVs
  • Polycount is enough for HQ visualization but made with performance in mind. No unnecessary polygons.
  • Nanite enabled with proper precision
  • Correct lightmap UVs
  • Ready for Baked lighting, Lumen, Mobile, Path Tracing
  • Game-ready collision
  • Real world scale
  • All materials have customizable amount of dirt/wear

Number of Blueprints: 20 (+ parent BPs and helpers)

Number of Unique Meshes: 71

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 25

Number of Textures: 23

Texture Resolutions: 1024 to 4096. Some textures have Maximum Texture Size lowered for optimal performance (while still maintaining good objects look). Adjust texture sizes to your project needs.

Discord: Lyoshko