Building Hider

Andrew Esenin - 蓝图 - 2024/06/23

This asset is a collection of blueprints and materials designed to help you create multi-story buildings with the ability to switch floors for top-down projects.

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  • 支持的引擎版本
    4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
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Building Hider allows you to create your buildings from separate meshes directly in the Unreal editor, and then combine them into a singular mesh with the ability to switch between floors.

The hiding effect is shader-based and runs on the GPU. Combining the building into a single mesh significantly reduces the number of draw calls, which allows you to maintain high game performance even when this asset is used in the creation of entire cities.

You can check out the effects of hiding buildings in the Playable Demo

Video | Tutorial VIdeo | Playable Demo | Documentation

Support: [email protected]


  • Ability to manually switch between floors of the building
  • Auto-hide mode that switches floors depending on the position of the player’s character
  • Ability to auto-hide characters and other objects that can move during the game
  • Hidden buildings can cast shadows
  • Works with building rotation
  • Works with decals
  • Designed with optimization in mind, allows you to create entire cities with hideable floors
  • Asset includes 10 example levels that show how to create buildings with this asset


Completely made in blueprints.

Only for engine version 4.27 you need to enable the "Editor Scripting Utilities" plugin before adding an asset to the project. 

(This plugin is already in the engine, but not enabled)


  • The maximum number of floors is 99.
  • Mesh Paint Mode isn't supported, vertex color channels are used for hiding materials.
  • This asset is designed for creation of buildings out of separate parts. If the model of your building consists of a single mesh, you will first need to separate it into individual parts in any 3D editor of your choice.


  • 10 Levels with examples
  • 30 Blueprints and Widgets
  • 4 Material Functions
  • 20 Materials
  • 12 Textures
  • 160 Meshes