British Pub

White Paper Studio - 道具 - 2024/06/19

Stylized 1950’s British Pub interior complete with props and modular sets.

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Step into the nostalgic charm of mid-century Britain with our Stylized 1950’s British Pub Environment Pack, optimised for real-time development for those seeking to create immersive and historically accurate game worlds. This comprehensive asset pack offers a selection of features to bring your vision of a classic British pub to life.


  • Nanite Support | Unreal Engine 5's virtualized geometry system.
  • 263 Detailed Meshes | A wide range of assets from bar stools to dartboards, all designed to capture the look and feel of a 1950s British pub.
  • Material Versatility | Customize the appearance of any prop’s Material using the Parameters inside the Material Instances to adjust Brightness, Roughness, Metallic and more.
  • Modular Components | Build unique pub interiors with modular walls, floors, and seating, allowing for flexible room designs.
  • Complete Interior Props | Essential items including furniture, decorations, and accessories to fully outfit your pub setting.
  • Premade Blueprints | Efficient set dressing with simple, premade Blueprints to manage static poses of meshes and control lighting easily.
  • Easy Light Management | Simple toggles to turn lights on and off, creating the perfect ambiance for different scenarios.



  • This project will work on 5.3, however the Spline mesh does not work in this version, only 5.4.
  • This product supports Lumen/Nanite for Unreal Engine 5.0+ (Documentation)
  • Projects use Nanite based geometry meshes and models for Unreal Engine 5.0+ (Documentation)


British Pub [Documentation]


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• 263 Low-Poly, Stylized Assets

• 28 Pre-Assembled Mesh Blueprints (Efficient set dressing and asset pose management | Easy light control with on/off toggles)

• 4 Master Materials (Basic Master (main) | Glass Master (Refraction) | Masked/Translucent Master (Alpha channel Masking) | Texture Panning Master (for switching Labels/Paintings)

• 65 Material Instances

• 136 Textures

• Material Instances are setup to include versatile additional controls for: Brightness Amount | Emissive Boost | Metallic Strength | Roughness Strength | Normal Strength | Scale | Base Color Tint | Emissive Texture Toggle.

• Packed Textures for optimization (R = Roughness | G = Metallic)

• Nanite Enabled (on all except glass material)

• 3 Demo Maps of Different Interior Pub Layouts (utilizes Lumen)

• 1 Showcase Map with all assets laid out


Number of Unique Meshes: 256 (some variants are included in this value)

Collision: Yes (custom and automatic)

Vertex Count:

LODs: No (Nanite)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 69

Number of Textures: 136

Texture Resolutions: 1080 - 2048 (majority is 2048)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: No


Further Documentation

Please see Further documentation here to see how BPs work:

British Pub [Documentation]