Thumbnail Exporter

Generates game-ready transparent textures from asset thumbnails. Perfect for inventory systems!

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    5.1 - 5.4
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NOTE: This current plugin version (1.2) only supports blueprints, static meshes, and skeletal meshes.

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This plugin allows you to export blueprints, static meshes, and skeletal meshes to transparent game-ready textures with the click of a button. Perfect for inventory icons, item icons, whatever else you need!

The plugin is very simple to use. With the click of a button you can export thumbnails for one or more assets. Or if you need advanced functionality, the plugin provides support for generating thumbnails using editor scripting!

How to use

Basic use:

  1. Download the plugin from the marketplace and enable it in the plugin menu inside the engine.
  2. Right click one or more blueprints or static meshes in the content browser, and click Export to Texture, and the thumbnails will be exported to a 256px texture in the same folder as the assets. (note: thumbnails are not limited to 256px, that is just the default setting)

All of the configuration options (which includes thumbnail name, size, background color) are in the Project Settings window under the Editor header, inside the Thumbnail Exporter section. If you want to configure the aforementioned thumbnail generation options, or add another export preset to the content browser menu, then look there. If you hover over the options, the tooltips explain what each option does.

Advanced use:

The plugin also includes 4 blueprint nodes for editor scripting. These nodes are in the Thumbnail Exporter Blueprint Function Library.

The nodes are:

  • ExportThumbnail - calling this function renders a thumbnail and saves it as a texture. Returns true if it was succesful. Also returns the path of the newly created thumbnail.
  • CanCreateThumbnail - Returns true if the thumbnail renderer can render the asset.
  • GetThumbnailExporterPresets - Returns the thumbnail exporter preset array from the config settings.
  • GetThumbnailAssetPathAndFilename - Given an asset and a thumbnail creation config, returns the filename and path that would be used for generating the thumbnail.

The ExportThumbnail node can be used for automating any sort of thumbnail creation with editor scripting. For example, you could lookup assets by type using the asset registry and automatically create thumbnails for all assets of that type.



  • Convert any blueprint thumbnail into a game-ready transparent texture.
  • Supports customizable background colors, texture suffix/prefixing, adjustable texture size, creating multiple export presets
  • Supports editor scripting through the Thumbnail Exporter Blueprint Function Library, allowing you create thumbnail export scripts to do whatever you need

Code Modules:

  • ThumbnailExporter (Editor)

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 7

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: All platforms that support Unreal Editor

Supported Target Build Platforms: N/A (Editor only)

Documentation: In the plugin description (scroll up)

Example Project: N/A

Important/Additional Notes: N/A