Billiards - interior and props

Mixaill - 2021/07/26

Billiards - interior and props - ideal for your entertainment center.

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    4.20 - 4.27
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Mixaill studio presents a good solution for your games, VR projects and simulators.

Billiards - interior and props -  it can be used in the entertainment center, as a virtual room or a billiard simulator. All parts are movable.



Building: 65.5k tris

American pool table: 6.7k tris

Russian pool table: 36.4k tris

Sofa: 13k tris

Chair: 4.6k tris

Bar: 137.6k tris

Cupboard: 24.2k tris

Balls: 21.2k tris

Cue: 442

Bar chair: 13.5k tris

10 Bottles 13.2k tris

Cue holder: 11.4k tris

Lamp: 26.5k tris

Texture Sizes

1024 x 1024,



All images are copyright-free (

Collision: Yes, Automatically Generated

LODs: No

Number of Meshes: 126

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 70

Number of Textures: 142

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC

Documentation: No

Important/Additional Notes: If you have more questions, you can write me mixaill3d(dog)