Better Rocks and Cliffs

Quantum Theory - 2015/06/03
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Beautifully rendered rocks and cliff sides to greatly enhance your project

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    4.7 - 4.27
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A pack of 6 high resolution but low-poly rocks that can be rotated, scaled, and pushed together to create crisp, high quality environments. These are all modeled in ZBrush and textured using masks from their high poly geometric data. Each rock’s side purposefully has a unique surface property, so you can rotate them and scale them to get a lot of variety in a single scene. Some parts are hard-edged and flat, a result of setting smoothing groups by UV shells. Others are smooth shaded with bumped surface detail


Number of Assets: 6
Avg Triangle Count: 750
Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048
Number of Materials: 1