Attribute / Event / Interaction System V3.1

DarkGame - 代码插件 - 2024/04/04
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Attribute extensions for custom Attribute Tag and Event Tag ( Used in C++ and Blueprint ), both similar to Gameplay Tag and implementing an Event Tag-based event system (for deconstruction). And Interaction System(Based of Event System)

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    5.3 - 5.4
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Support [Discord Support] QQ群: 785689421

V2(V3) Documentation: [Documentation]

V2(V3) Video: [youtobe] [bibilili]

V3 System Demo: [V3 System Demo]

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Update Log:



  • Almost complete support for defining EventTag in C++ and using it in C++ and Blueprint
  • Basic data types
  • Any structure type (including custom ones)
  • Class, Object, SoftClass, SoftObject
  • Map parameters (Note: Key does not support setting as a custom structure, but can use some pre-set structures [such as GameplayTag, Key, EventTag, Vector, etc.], which is reserved because it will not appear in most cases unless you need to provide it later)
  • And more...
  • Complete Blueprint EventTag definition and modification


  • Support defining EventTag in C++ and using them in Blueprint
  • Support more event parameter pins
  • Fix some known bugs

V2.2 Fix packaging errors, fix default value pins

V2.1 Updated attribute system (will be added after the mall is approved)

If you only need one of the systems, you can find them here [Advanced attribute system] [Global event system V2]


  • Fix a potential bug


This system is about to enter the V2 version. The system kernel has undergone a major update, and the price will also increase for the first time!

I have submitted update files for engine versions 5.3 and 5.4, and the new versions will arrive in the next few days!

Plugin Description:

  • Attribute extensions for custom Attribute Tag and Event Tag, both similar to Gameplay Tag and implementing an Event Tag-based event system (for deconstruction).
  • Event dispatchers using blueprints will inevitably reference the event delegate source object class and add blueprint file references. This message event system will release this reference and achieve the purpose of decoupling.

Special reminder: The V2 version is a new EventTag system that will support engine versions 5.3 and above. Old systems only support version 5.2

========================= Blueprint main event node =================================

Custom listening event node (supports network replication) (needs to call node EnableMessageEvent during BeginPlay).

Notify message event node: used to trigger all bound listening events, such as Widget updates when the health value changes.

Listening to message event nodes: This is similar to a blueprint function and can listen to the required events at any location

========================= For Attribute System =================================

Attribute System:

  •  Create your own stats/attributes
  •  Leveling System
  • Set Maximum Level
  •  Attribute Relation (and simple editor)
  • Custom Extended Attribute
  • Built -in regenerator extension attribute
  • Data -based asset
  • Network Optimization
  • Save And Load
  • Attribute Progress Bar
  • Attribute Widget

It can be added to the independent system of any ACTOR, allowing the creation of statistical data/attributes (can be used for any progress of life value, mana, endurance, energy, strength, agility, etc.), set the highest level, each level of experience required. Upgrade, zoom attribute/attribute value. Set the frequency of custom value calculation, such as life recovery, mana recovery, etc.

There are some functions that can cost free attribute/attribute points to increase your attribute/attribute value. You can set the cost of each attribute/attribute (uniter in the number of non -fees attribute points).

With a sample AttributeProgressbar, you can use it to create attributes such as health and mana.

With a sample widgets containing all attributes (statistics), attribute points, levels, etc.

The system has the logic of extended attributes for renewable. All the blueprints have been well noted, and all code also gets good notes, and there is a complete documentation and an example item, which can provide real -time help/support according to the requirements. The entire system is very flexible.


V3 Features:

  • Event System: used for program decoupling (Used in C++ and Blueprint)
  • Customized EventTag (similar to GameplayTag), supports dynamic binding of event parameters
  • Dynamically manage EventTag parameter list, supports arbitrary modification of parameter list
  • Manage EventTag through data table
  • Event notification and event listener
  • Customized event listener (based on custom events, supports network replication)
  • Customized AttributeTag (similar to GameplayTag)
  • AttributeSystem
  • Interaction System(Based of Event System)

V3 Code Modules:

  • EventSystem
  •  EventTags
  • EventTagsEditor
  •  AttributeTags
  •  AttributeTagsEditor
  • AttributeSystem
  • AttributeSystemEditor
  • InteractionSystem

Number of blueprints: 0

Number of C++ courses(5.2): 21+

Number of C++ courses(5.3 or above): 60+

Network Replication: Yes

Supported development platforms: Win64

Supported target build platforms: Win64

Document(5.3 or above): [Documentation]

Example Project: DemoProject