Bank Heist Bundle Pack

DarkDreamStudio - 蓝图 - 2023/10/03

Do you want to get rich? Rob the nearest bank right now!

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    4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
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Playable Demo: Link

Objective System

Give your player instructions on what they should do next to continue progressing in the game.


On your smartphone you will have an app to hack the cameras only at specific points of your level. If you are out of range, the app will be unavailable to access.

Heist System

When you enter the safe, the mission will trigger, and a menu will appear with the time and the total amount of stolen value. If the alarm goes on, there will be a blackout, the door will slowly close and trigger a fatal gas. If you get stuck you're gone... At least you have night vision to see everything happening in front of your eyes.

Steal System

You can steal stacks of money or you can choose to go directly to the valuable paintings, however if you choose the paintings, don't think it will be an easy task as you will have to keep holding on while stealing but remember if time is counting...

Health System

You have two bars, a blue one (armor) and a pink one (health) if you completely lose your health and armor your player will die and the game will restart.

Security Camera system

You can hack the cameras using your smartphone and see what's inside the safe. If you like it, go for it.



  •  Objective System
  •  Smartphone
  •  Heist System
  • Steal System
  • Health System
  • Hack Cameras
  • Gas
  • Night Vision

Number of Blueprints: 15

Number of Materials: 8

Number of Static Meshes: 9

Number of Particles: 1

Number of Textures: 3

Number of Widgets: 8

Input: Keyboard and Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Not Tested

Documentation: PDF

Showcase Video: Youtube

Contact: [email protected] (Invoice Required)