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"ArchViz" Explorer

Karl Detroit - 建筑可视化 - 2021/08/03

The ideal solution for showcasing and promoting large scale projects in an effective way. ArchViz Explorer comes with powerful Blueprints, filtering functionalities, a user-friendly interface, touch support and much more!

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    4.21 - 4.27, 5.0
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Realistic Expansion

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ArchViz Explorer will help you communicate your design's key features, by improving user engagement through interactive elements.

The product serves as a foundation for creating real-time 3D presentations of architecture, construction, product design, and manufacturing projects.

Key Features:

  • Includes demonstration map which is showcasing all features.
  • Realistic Expansion for showcasing the use of GIS content and dynamic sky.
  • Clean and well-commented Blueprints.
  • User-friendly interface with widget animations, a compass, and a media gallery.
  • Convenient navigation between interest points through UI lists, 3D labels, and 3D volumes.
  • Touch Support for touch monitors and mobile devices.
  • Orbital camera with smooth zoom and rotation.
  • 360° panorama viewer. (v1.9 and above.)
  • Easy to customize Point of Interest (POI) actors.
  • Automatic category listing via actor tags.
  • Criteria: Filtering by surface, budget, room count, orientation, and availability.
  • Trees and bushes with Pivot Painter 2 shader-animation.


Blueprints: 15

Widget Blueprints: 16 

Meshes: 32

Materials and Material Functions: 27

Material Instances: 36

Textures: 93

Input: Mouse, Keyboard, Touch for Mobile and Touch Screen Monitors

Documentation: https://www.karldetroit.com/archviz-explorer-documentation/