ArchViz Configurator

JuliusD - 蓝图 - 2023/06/09

A fully NO CODE NO BLUEPRINT Solution to creating Interactive Architectural Walkthroughs.

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    5.1 - 5.4
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ArchViz Configurator will Help you bring your photorealistic Architectural Unreal engine 5 scene to life by creating an Interactive walkthrough and configurator Without the use of ANY CODE OR BLUEPRINT.

Including interactions such as

  • Change Furniture from list (Not exclusive to furniture, you could even change walls and ceilings)
  • Change Materials from list (Of anything in the scene)
  • Switching lights on\off
  • Open\close doors of any kind
  • Switch Tv's and media devices on and off
  • Switch Affects such as fire and water on and off
  • Pick up objects and move them
  • Play music objects such as record players
  • Switch Between Times of day and move the sun location

And MUCH more (See documentation or video Tutorial for a full list of features).

This Tool also includes a robust and intuitive User Menu that includes

  • Save\Load system to save multiple configurations of a scene for multiple clients
  • Switch between Levels ,if you have more then one Level in your project, by clicking on an image in the User menu
  • Settings Menu to set up the graphics fidelity and resolution to work well on different systems
  • Play a Level Sequence or Master Sequence from the user menu

Also Included is a robust and intuitive Camera Mode with Many Settings to take Great Images in any resolution (From HD to 8K) and save for any use.


Key Features:

  •  Fully no code no blueprints solution to creating Architectural walkthrough with interactions
  •  very simple to set up
  •  one actor for all interaction types
  • A pickup objects System
  • Camera Mode
  • Simple yet robust User Menu
  • Save\Load system
  • Settings Menu
  • Time of Day and Sun position menu
  • Level Switching Menu
  • Includes a demo Level with Examples for all interaction Types

Technical Details

Blueprints: 10

Widget Blueprints: 9 

Meshes: 22

Materials and Material Functions: 25

Material Instances: 31

Textures: 128

Fonts: 1

SFX: 10

VFX: 0

Input: Mouse, Keyboard