All Holograms

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Hologram Material Pack

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The All Holograms pack allows any 3D mesh to be turned into any Hologram. It is very easy to use, comprehensive and you can get any result you want. You can select or customise up to 75 prepared materials or create your own from prepared instances in the blink of an eye.

Below is a link to All Holograms Showcase:

How does All Holograms work?

You can use All Holograms in a variety of ways:

1. apply the Hologram Material to a 3D object

2. apply the Hologram Material to an existing material - which I think is the best approach.

3. apply the Hologram Material as an overlay material.


All Holograms pack contains:

  • 3 Master Materials: M_Hologram, M_Albedo_Hologram, M_Masked_Albedo_Hologram
  • 75 Material Instances
  • 3 Material Functions
  • 51 Hologram Textures
  • 1 example lvl
  • 1 example static mesh