AI Stealth Perception Day/Night/Shadows

Cillo Gaming - 蓝图 - 2024/05/23

An AI sight perception system that responds to darkness and objects.

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Documentation/Setup Guide:

Setup in three steps!

Add more control to your AI by using AI Sight Perception Upgrade Day/Night/Shadows.

Adds a detection percentage that is adjusted according to:

  • Are there objects in the way?
  • Is the sun darker than usual?
  • Is the player standing under a light?
  • Is the player in the shadows?
  • How close is the player?


  • 2 Components - Master and a Slave
  • 1 Light Blueprint
  • 1 Light Component
  • 1 Editor Utility (Light Setup)
  • Demo Scene

Detects Multiple parts of a skeletal mesh and also test them for shadows.

Detection System: A percentage system to indicate how likely it is that the AI has seen the player.

Shadow Detection: Shadows will lower the detection rating.

Sun intensity: Sun brightness will effect how well the AI can see.

Light detection: Using our blueprint or light component you can have the AI respond to Players standing next to or under lights.

Update #1:

  • Added Spotlight and Rect Lights to the Cillo Light Blueprint
  • Added a light converter and Light Collision Updater (Light Setup Blueprint)
  • Added Light Collision Component to add to any actor
  • Added support for the spotlight and rect lights to the light collision component
  • Exposed the bone name of the AI so users can change where the AI 'scans' From
  • Added a Player Detection modifier to the Players slave component to allow for camouflage or a harder difficulty
  • Added a Player detection modifier to the Light Component to allow detection adjustments in the scene
  • Added a Function, to the Cillo Light BP and Light Collision Component, that's turns the light off and on.

Update #2

  • Setup Global Detection Multipliers for Sunlight, Shadows and Lights.
  • Tweaked AI visibility to use proper Peripheral vision angles
  • Fixed minimum 80% detection bug
  • Fix spotlight early detection bug
  • Tweaked Shadows detection to be more stable
  • Created a HUD to show off the Detection modifiers
  • Created a demo download



  •  Shadow Detection System
  •  Sunlight Detection System
  •  Light Detection System
  • Number of Blueprints: 7

Input: N/A

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes


Important/Additional Notes: Only works with Character Mesh.