Advanced Grid Inventory System

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AGIS is designed to be used in every game genre in single player and multiplayer projects. Whether your game is an RPG or a top down shooter; AGIS can be used in all of them. It is also highly optimised for Client and Server in multiplayer projects.

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    5.1 - 5.4
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Advanced Grid Inventory System (AGIS) is a highly modular grid based inventory system that can be customised according to user requirements. In addition to the realism brought by being grid based, it provides many options by removing all limitations so that users can create their own inventory shapes. It has been specifically optimised to work in both host, dedicated and singleplayer projects. It can be used in many projects such as FPS, TPS, MMORPG, Single Player RPG, Top Down Shooter and more. 

AGIS will continue to support its support by receiving updates for a very long time. You can follow us on Discord to follow updates, road map and patch notes.



  • Modular Inventory Pattern
  • Modular Item Creator
  • Modular Inventory Creator
  • Vehicle Inventory & Vehicle Modification
  • Storages(Chest etc.)
  • Equippable Items
  • Admin Panel to reach everyone's inventory
  • Fully optimized and commented functions
  • Basic Crafting System
  • Basic Save & Load Game
  • Vendor(Selling & Buying Items)
  • Looting and Fighting with AI
  • Basic Combat System


  • UE5 Third Person Template Mannequin


  • UE5 Vehicle Template


  • Third Person Character: Includes all animations of the UE5 animation template & Unreal Engine Samples

*Chaos Vehicles plugin required

Number of Blueprints: 55

Input: Keyboard & Mouse

Network Replicated: YES

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: YES

Mac: NO

Documentation: Preview Documentation