Revolver (With Animations)

KARAN VISHWAKARMA - 武器 - 2023/09/25

A Low Poly Revolver With 4 Animations for FPS & TPS Games.

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    4.27, 5.0, 5.3
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A Revolver With Animations. The Revolver is free for commercial usage that is you can use it Commercially With or Without Mentioning Me.

Check out The Demo of the Revolver :-

Copy Paste the link if it says Unsafe.

Important Notes :- This Demo Was Made by Combining two assets one was FPS Animation Pack & Weapons Kit they are as Mentioned.

Get the custom FPS Hand Animation Pack for the Revolver :-

Get the custom Weapons Kit for the Hand Animations :-



  1.  Low Poly
  2.  Designed with Minimum Vertices
  3.  Optimized

Vertex Count: 17,849

LODs: Yes

Number of Materials :- 1

Number of Textures: 3

Texture Resolutions: 3 Textures of (4096 * 4096)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: YES

Mac: YES

Number of Animations :- 4

Important Notes :- None

Documentation :- None