Cyberpunk Ambient and Dialogue Sound Pack

Valkyrie Sound - 12月 26, 2019

Ambient sounds and modular character voices

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    4.14 - 4.25
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Demo track

Demo Room Overview

Asset list

Cyberpunk themed ambient environment sounds: 232 unique sound waves forming 239 cues

Over 230 ambient sounds and vocalisations including looping rain, wind, and city layers for day and night, different densities of traffic, distant vehicle fly-bys, marketplace chatter, and other city and market sounds. Thunder, water drops, fountains, rustling bushes, and cooking sounds complete the pack. Includes five 8 minute tracks combining ambient and weather sounds.

167 modular character vocalisations: human, alien, droid

Modular character syllables based on Japanese hiragana allows you to create words and sentences from scratch and generate random syllable streams for a set number of syllables or a given period of time. Include spoken dialogue without needing actors! Includes deaths and injury exclamations.

18 demonstrator sound cues and 10 demonstrator blueprints

Custom blueprints demonstrating how to use sounds e.g. transitioning between interior and exterior spaces, dialogue ducking, vocalisations, and weather. These can be tweaked and placed in your own project.

Includes demo map showing ways to implement sounds

Clear file structure based on type of sound and annotated Blueprints to help you reproduce or adapt them.



  • 232 sound waves
  • 239 sound cues including 18 demonstrator sound cues
  • Interactive Demo Map includes parts you can lift out and drop into your own project
  • 10 demonstrator blueprints
  • 17 demonstrator attenuation settings, sound classes, sound mixes, physical materials, and reverbs

Number of Audio Waves: 232

Number of Audio Cues: 239 including 18 demonstrator sound cues

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit Stereo WAV

Do sounds loop?: Ambient and weather sounds loop

Supported Development Platforms: Built and tested on Windows 10. All sounds use Epic's default sample and bit rates. Demonstrator blueprints use no platform-specific nodes.

Supported Target Build Platforms: Target build is for all platforms but tested only on Windows 10.

Documentation: The included documentation describes the file structure used (what you'll find and where), a comprehensive list of all 239 sound cues, summary of each demonstrator area in the Demo Map, and an overview of the file naming convention

Important Notes: Sounds are mixed based on their actual loudness rather than their loudness as related to each other. This means sounds have consistent volumes within and between types. This should make it easier to set up sounds in your project. Happy to provide support and answer questions on mixing sounds if required.

Additional Notes: Edited and mixed in Cubase Pro 8.