Dynamic Thumbnail Generator

Mans Isaksson - 2020/02/04

Generate thumbnails for any actor with one simple blueprint node!

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    4.24 - 4.27
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Dynamic Thumbnail Generator allows you to generate a thumbnail for any actor at runtime, using only one simple blueprint node.

[Preview Video]

List of features:

  • Generate the thumbnails at runtime, entirely from blueprint
  • Captured in separate scene, no interference with main scene
  • Supports custom background scenes
  • Includes editor tool for generating thumbnails and saving as uassets or PNGs

[Update 2.1]

  • New (and significantly improved) camera framing algorithm!
  • Added some settings to better control the transform of the thumbnail actor.

[Update 2.0]

  • Set "Expose On Spawn" properties on the Generate Thumbnail node
  • Custom background worlds

[Update 1.4]

  • Generate a thumbnail from within the editor by right-clicking on any actor (either in the content browser or in the level editor) and select Generate Thumbnail.
  • Dynamic resolution, Texture Width, Texture Height, and Capture Alpha are now dynamically overridable

[Update: 1.2]

  • New Node - SaveThumbnail (Save your thumbnail as a Texture2D asset)
  • Dynamic resolution, Texture Width, Texture Height, and Capture Alpha are now dynamically overridable


Network Replicated: N/A

Tested Platforms: Windows and Android (But should work for any platform)

Supported Development Platforms: Any Platform

Supported Target Build Platforms: Any Platform (If you are interested in building for a platform not listed with official support please contact me)

Plugin Tutorial

Plugin Example Project

If you encounter bugs/issues on any platform, feel free to contact me.