400+ Stylized Textures - Mega Bundle 8

LowlyPoly - 材质 - 2024/06/25

400 Stylized Textures. Great for desktop or mobile games.

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400+ Stylized Textures - Mega Bundle 6 with perfectly tillable textures!

This bundle SAVE you 65% off the regular standalone texture set's.

This bundle includes the following types of textures: window (art deco, brutal, greenery, root, liana, mosaic, brick, marble), door (brick, wood, plaster, glass, ornament), ground (gray, dry, sand, clay), sand (dirt, shiny, rippled), building tile, stone ground, sign (danger, road, strip, stripe), roof (metal, concrete), gate metal decal, building light, window decal, pavement (grass, tile, rough, herringbone), bookshelf (wood, ornament, luxury, modern, potion, gray, dust), halloween (bat, pumpkin, skull, skeleton, web, spider), christmas (present, sweater, tree, candy, cookie, light, decoration, ball, jumper, garland), leather (romboid, brown, fiber, wavy, red, crocodile), fabric (wool, sackcloth, denim, felt, chainmail, honeycomb, ornament), wood (parquet, plank, surface), metal (stripe, panel, plate, rough, green), roof (tile, blue, gray, wood), asphalt road, plaster panel, stone tile, brick (wall, damaged, extruded, paving, sand), tile (black, vertical, geometrical, ornamental, marble, ground, paving), ground (halloween, skull, spider, web), and feather (blue, wood, green, peacock).


- 400 Unique Textures

- Included Texture Set Vol.349-Vol.387

- Mobile and PBR ready

- BaseColor/Normal/Metal/Roughness/Height/AmbientOcclusion

- Resolution 2048x2048px

- PNG format

- Tillable

MEGA benefits:

- Discord "MEGA" badge;

- Stylized Crystal Collection;

- Halloween Texture Pack (50x Stylized Textures);

- Private sales with "MEGA" discounts;

- Early access to new texture packs and 3d Assets;

- Free priority textures request;

- Premium support.

*To receive these perks, join to discord LowlyPoly community and send the invoice number to verify your purchase to admin.

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Designed for all platforms

400 Materials

400 Materials instances

2048 and 2048 pixel ratio

Vertex painting for material break up

Intended Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Oculus, Other