Z-Mech Robot Giant

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Animated mech with character blueprints to replace default template character. 10 color variants.

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The Z-Mech giant robot character is textured, rigged, and animated, and also includes character and animation blueprints to easily replace the third person blueprint template character with only a couple clicks!

Tutorials for replacing the default template character, as well as loading character animations and creating your own animation sequences in 3DS Max, are available through the website link http://tylergibbonsart.wix.com/zmechtutorials

Technical Details

Designed for desktop
- Character and animation blueprints easily replace the default template character
- Animations: Idle, Walk, Run, JumpStart, JumpLoop, JumpEnd (Source files may be downloaded from the tutorials website to create your own animations in 3ds Max)
- Rigged to default Epic skeleton- 9 additional material variations for alternate colors- tri count: 48,000- 2k textures. 4 materials per set.

Each material set has diffuse, metallic, roughness, and normal maps.



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