Yughues Wooden Crates

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35 wooden crates available in 5 different conditions (fresh, worn, weathered, burnt and mossy).

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This asset contains 35 wooden crates blueprints available in 5 conditions (fresh, worn, weathered, burnt and mossy) which makes a total of 175 wooden crates.
Each box has a seperated lid (useful for variety and/or animation). The number of tris goes from 192 tris to 608 tris. The textures are 2k sized (diffuse, masks, normal).
The asset also contain 5 other crates (240 to 768 tris - 1k textures) as a free sample.

Technical Details

175 (+5 free sample) blueprints
61 (+8 free sample) meshes
5 (+1 free sample) materials
15 2k textures (+3 1k free sample) textures



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