Yughues Pine Bushes

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A pack of 432 various pine bushes, animated and ready-to-use with Foliage mode.

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Fill your environments with 24 different types of pine bushes, each available in 9
different shapes. Choose them being green & lively or dead & dry. All of them are ready-to-use with the Foliage mode ; Drag & drop them into it and paint them on your level. They use an animated material based on the SimpleGrassWind function. They also use vertex colors for both animation (as a mask) and meshes’ ambient occlusion.

More assets on nobiax.deviantart.com & cubebrush.co/yughues

Technical Details

• (432) foliages, 24 types x 9 shapes x 2 states (green, dead)
• (9) meshes, with vertex colors (animation mask, ao)
• (49) materials (1 main + 48 instances)
• (96) textures (diffuse x2, normal, ao), 1024x1024

Foliage (mode) ready-to-use
Meshes are between 182 to 760 tris



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