Yughues Hand-Painted Materials

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A pack of 54 various hand-painted style materials made by Yughues at nobiax.deviantart.com.

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A pack regrouping all the textures I made since 2008. The 54 textures are ready to use, just drag and drop the material on your mesh and voilà. Each material use 3 maps (Diffuse, Normal, Masks) and masks maps contain specular(R), roughness(G), ambient occlusion(B) & height(A) map. More raw maps can be found on http://nobiax.deviantart.com.

Technical Details

Designed for Desktop

The asset contains 54 Materials originally designed for desktop. Each material uses a diffuse, height, ambient occlusion (just in case) and a normal map. All the textures are 1024x1024 and in targa (.tga) file format.

- Ready-to-use materials
- 1024x1024 texture maps



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