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6 high resolution yachts, 3 of them of standard type and 3 quirky ones.

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The file contains six leisure boats, one of which is a slightly modified version of another. They are not modeled after real world yachts, but personal depictions of the genre. They are meant to be used as props in arch viz or games and have no interior modelling.

There are 5 materials provided for the painted, metallic, glass and wooden deck parts as well as two modified paint materials for the inclusion of labels. The label textures can be swapped for custom png (transparent background) textures as long as the label positioning is kept approximately the same.

A level sequence is present ("pix") with the 20 cameras used to capture the images.

The 6 meshes are as follows:

SM_nme00, a standard motor yacht, with wooden, glass, metallic and painted parts, including label.

SM_nme0b, a modification of nme00, with wooden, glass and painted parts.

SM_nme01, another standard yacht, with wooden, glass, metallic and painted parts, including label.

SM_nme02, a hydrofoil spinoff with a covered deck. Wooden, glass and painted parts.

SM_nme03, a catamaran type yacht with a large deck. Wooden, glass, metallic and painted parts.

SM_nme04, a speed boat on skis, with no deck. Glass, metallic and painted parts.

Technical Details


Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes.

Vertex Count:

  • SM_nme00-33330
  • SM_nme0b-85019
  • SM_nme01-248205
  • SM_nme02-12968
  • SM_nme03-108142
  • SM_nme04-27794


Number of Meshes:6

Number of Materials and Material Instances:7 materials, 5 instances

Number of Textures:9

Supported Development Platforms: (all except mobile)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (all except mobile)



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