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Easy for a newbie to start a simple game with a lot of features needed

  • Supported Target Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions


  • The X Game Kit is a gameplay structure using native blueprints that include gamemodes such as: FPS , THIRD PERSON , TOP DOWN, and require one camera for all player. Also included are AI ,FX , SPLINE PATH and a PORTAL used to teleport players. Everything in this pack is pure ands does not rewquire you to download any third party content.
  • Support network replication¬†
  • Auto spawn player around (0,0,0)
  • Actor and Animation Fix Bugs
  • There is also a animation system for movement and locomotion that users can manipulate.
  • Animations include Epic's Animation Starter Pack .
  • Video Link :
  • https://youtu.be/hyRv_mIU340 (Multi Player Testing)
  • https://youtu.be/NpgkQgbH83A
  • https://youtube/hZM7ge10f_M
  • Demo Link :
  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X6c6ApD-XPp077e7BKzZ5MzyxFp7n5I8

Technical Details


  • Network Replicated: Yes
  • All in one Camera (X CAMERA) : FPS , Third person , Top down , Free and Target
  • Locomotion animation system : Base movement (walk, run , jump , crouch, prone , climb) , combat(gun, sword)
  • AI : auto find target , moving with path , fighting
  • Portal system : transport , interactive active (click or collide)
  • Animation Trigger , Jump Trigger , Climb
  • Spline Path : Moving path , jump path , Ai path
  • Some FX are included : Particles , Post process
  • Sound FX : Sword, Gun , Explosion ..
  • Dynamic spline mesh
  • Utilities function for vector , physic , actor relate
  • Point shooting, ray cast with mouse for player controller
  • Enviroment map level is common sharing map level for sun, sky , weathers effects control (reserver for next update )

Number of Blueprints: ~60

Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Supported Development Platforms: WINDOWS

Supported Target Build Platforms: WINDOWS

Documentation: In game

Important/Additional Notes: in game



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