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Top down and side scrolling wraparound template. This is completely viewport based and does not use trigger boxes.

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Preview: jamesmontague.vastserve.com/img/wrap.gif

The aim of this project is to provide a top down or sidescrolling base that utilizes screen wraparound on actors without using trigger boxes . The wraparound in this project is based on the resolution of the viewport and works in many different resolutions as a result. It is designed mainly for top down games, however a side scrolling version is also included.

Planned for future versions:
• A master blueprint in which you can specify which object classes incorporate the wraparound mechanic.
• Automatic camera following based on whether or not horizontal or vertical wraparound are disabled.
• Improved demo character physics

If you have any suggestions or queries then please leave a comment!

Technical Details

• 2 Blueprints (One for top down, the other for side scrolling)
• 2 Separate test levels for both types
• Placeholder 2D player object (Just a square with a simple texture) with simple movement enabled

Platforms Tested: Windows



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