World Interaction Framework - With an authoritative inventory system.

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A core component for any game requiring interaction - With an authoritative inventory system.

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The package includes:

  • Interaction System (Networked/Multiplayer)
  • Grab System (Networked/Multiplayer)
  • Inventory System (Networked/Multiplayer)

Summary: Demo & Tutorial Series

A world interaction system which entails the ability to grab, pick up and interact with actors within the world. A highly extendable framework having ability to include any actor type with ease, such as vehicles or rockets! Why not?

The interaction and grab system is self-explanatory - having the ability to interact with actors to how they desire but authoritative while also enabling the player to 'grab' actors freely.

Inventory - The inventory is a back-end with no UI. The reason for this is to ensure the framework remains as a framework. Enabling to extend, not adjust. Being that all functionality is there, even dropping items or split dropping; all that is required is the interface to how you wish.

Moving the inventory around could not be easier - A widget driven inventory is vulnerable to client based attacks - The server ensures that only itself can manipulate inventories. A secure concept implemented, but of note, nothing is 'hack proof'.

Technical Details

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  •  Interaction System (Networked/Multiplayer)
  •  Grab System (Networked/Multiplayer)
  •  Inventory System (Networked/Multiplayer)

Number of Blueprints: All functions reside in the BP_WIF_PlayerController Blueprint and all that inherits from the WIF_MasterActor Blueprint.

Input: Based on the third person template - 'E' key for all interaction - NUM 1-3 & 5 for debugging - All available within the player controller.

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: PC/Console

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC/Console


Important/Additional Notes: To-be: Structure diagram



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