World Interaction Framework - With an authoritative inventory system.

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A core component for any game requiring interaction - With an authoritative inventory system.

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The package includes:

  • Interaction System (Networked/Multiplayer)
  • Grab System (Networked/Multiplayer)
  • Inventory System (Networked/Multiplayer)

Summary: Demo & Tutorial Series


  • 4.0 - Introduced player logic state, item inspection and rotation via "Grab", full controller support and a universal TV blueprint.

A world interaction system which entails the ability to grab, pick up and interact with actors within the world. A highly extendable framework having ability to include any actor type with ease, such as eggs, to vehicles to rockets! Why not?

The interaction and grab system - having the ability to interact with actors to how they desire but authoritative while also enabling the player to 'grab' actors freely and move them around the world. How about that egg?

Inventory - The inventory is back-end only. The reason for this is to ensure the framework remains as a framework. Enabling to extend, not adjust. Functionality is there, even dropping items or split dropping; all that is required is the interface to how you wish.

Moving the inventory around could not be easier - A widget driven inventory is vulnerable to client based attacks - The server ensures that only itself can manipulate inventories. A secure concept implemented, but of note, nothing is 'hack proof'.

Technical Details

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  •  Interaction System (Networked/Multiplayer)
  •  Grab System (Networked/Multiplayer)
  •  Inventory System (Networked/Multiplayer)

Number of Blueprints: All functions reside in the BP_WIF_PlayerController Blueprint and all that inherits from the WIF_MasterActor Blueprint.

Input: Based on the third person template - 'E' key for all interaction - NUM 1-3 & 5 for debugging - All available within the player controller.

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: PC/Console

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC/Console


Important/Additional Notes: To-be: Structure diagram



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