Wooden Town

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Environment "Town of Crimson Maple" contains 227 meshes, some of which are large buildings, others are modular parts, and rocks. Compatible with other packs.

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TRAILER: https://youtu.be/ZbvKpinKDZg

VIDEO SHOWCASE + TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/RB7n5bI-Qlc

My website: http://conradjustin.com/design

This pack includes two maps: "Wooden Town" and "preview map." Overall there are 227 meshes, 3 sounds, 7 Blueprints, 4 particle systems, 44 Materials, 3 Material Functions, 16 Material Instances and 139 Textures.

"Wooden Town" is a small environment scaled to Epic's 3rd person project with jump pads and items that can be picked up. Its atmospheric, Gothic-like buildings can be assembled in many different ways as each part is a separate model. However, some of them are merged (8 buildings) and can be quickly put into your map. Map also has a mushroom Blueprint (their light dims as the player approaches), landscape Material, falling leaves particle system, world coordinated Materials and more... just check out the screenshots and videos! "Preview map" shows the models close to each other without any changes to their scale.

This map doesn't include any meshes from other packs I made: "Harbour Pack" or "Ships and Rocks" but it is compatible with them (similar art style, theme, and feel).

Technical Details

MAPS: Preview map - overview of all assets & Wooden town - environment

MESHES (224)

  • Basic meshes: 7 simple assets good for blocking out
  • Beams: 22 trims, moldings, structure
  • Columns: 8 wooden, stone
  • Details: 22 arches, cornices, lamps, mushrooms, leaf
  • Doors and Windows: 19 models
  • Floors: 24 wooden and stone meshes
  • Rocks: 2 modular rocks. Strong LOD's
  • Roofs and Ceilings: 37 meshes
  • Stairs: stone (17 meshes) and wooden (3)
  • Trees: two maple trees and corresponding leaves (separate) 5 meshes
  • Walls: 33 walls, arches, bricks, some merged

BLUEPRINTS (7): Jump pad, 4 lamps, "pick me" item, and fluorescent mushrooms

MATERIALS (63): 44 Materials and decals, 3 Material functions - complex, droplets and world coordinate, and 16 instances


  • fog - for adding some mist in damp areas
  • fog burst - currently set to be triggered when items are picked or jump pads used
  • leaves- falling maple leaves
  • smoke - from tight origin, like from the chimney

SOUNDS (3): Wind, Windmill Gears, and Wood Creak

TEXTURES: 139 Textures, some of them were made by using photogrammetry from 512 to 4k (rocks)

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes - custom, properly made for 3rd person shooter project

Vertex Count: Average

LODs: 25 meshes have LODs.

Platforms: Windows, PC

Important/Additional Notes: Updates to the pack with new content: Most Likely



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