Wooden Cartoon Style GUI

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Short Description: 50+ High Quality Buttons and GUI Assets as shown on Preview Images. Easily create unlimited button and Asset variations in Photoshop

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  • Supported Engine Versions


Package contains textures, fonts,Animations, documented custom widget Blueprints in the project as Sample to Help and Guide you , UMG MainMenu,GameOver,Help,Info,Leaderboard,Pause,Settings,Shop Function and demo scene. The Demo Project works as a guideline as way of many on how to create a GUI System! There are no actual Blueprints included for Sound Sliders ,shop ,Leaderboard ,etc Functions! Main Content are the GUI Photoshop source files Included.

Technical Details


  • Demo Extrated Png Texture Files Included, Or Re Extract your desired size from psd File
  • Fonts included
  • Dynamic Scale and Color manipulation within Photoshop without quality loss!
  • 100% Vector PSD source included!
  • Texture files Included!
  • Demo Project Included!
  • All PSD Files Included!
  • Works with any screen resolution
  • Customer support

Number of Blueprints: 11

Number of Materials:

Number of Textures: 153

Number of Widgets: 11

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: All Need to Customize depending your needs

Documentation: Comments on every Widget Blueprint for easy explanation how things work.Feel free to Ask me about anything you dont understand .

Important/Additional Notes: Photoshop File resolution: 2048x2048px

Texture resolution: from 128x128px Small Sprites to

1024x1024px Big Sprites.

If you are having Trouble with the PSD files simply send me a message with your email so i can send you a link of the files ASAP.



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