Ultimate Medieval Weapons

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Brace yourselves.. Ultimate Medieval Weapons are coming! Spice up your combats with some of the deadliest, yet beautiful weapons ready to enlighten your dark medieval times!

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  • Supported Engine Versions


With purchasing this package you have access to various medieval that are highly optimized with efficient LoDs for all platforms. Textured using a fully PBR workflow to make your combats and cinematics look really nice!

• All assets come with efficient LoDs.
• LoD distances manually set per mesh, resulting in better details in close distances and no sudden LoD pop ups in front of the camera.
• Very light weight and suitable for all platforms (PC, Consoles and Mobile).
• Fully PBR workflow (textured using Substance Painter and tested under various lighting conditions).
• A unique Albedo + Metallic + Roughness + Normal + AO per mesh. (Metallic, Roughness and AO are packed for memory saving!)
• Need some help? our extensive support is always available. Feel free to contact us at any time via our thread, E-mail and Skype.
• All for only $29.99

Technical Details

PBR: Yes
Texture Size: 2048x2048
Collision: Yes
Number of In-Engine Vertices: 275 to 925
LODs: Yes
Number of Meshes: 13
Number of Materials: 2 Materials - 14 Material Instances
Number of Textures: 42 (1 Look Up Table)
Platforms Tested: Windows



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