Weapon Special Attachments

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Pack of special attachments with different skins for customizing your weapon.

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This pack includes 7 assets of weapon attachments : action lasers, flashlight, holographic sight and silencers. Sights, lasers and flashlight have correct mount for Picatinny rail. Silencers have appropriate recess for mounting on modern assault rifle barrel. Each asset have a simple blueprint setup which allows skin change and prevents user from assigning wrong skin. Also, lasers and flashlight have an ability of toggling visibility of light and laser beams and changing their lightness and color.

Silencers blueprints contain only skin change interface. All possible modification actions organized in rollout called ‘Modification’ which is unique for every newly added blueprint actor class. Collimator sight contains 5 different texture aim marks. Collimator, lasers and flashlight blueprints contain trigger volumes with overlapping of which system enabling or disabling keyboard input. The size of trigger volumes, events and input keys can be easily changed by user.

Each asset contains additional LOD and custom collision mesh.

Technical Details

Physically-Based Rendering : Yes
Current key mapping:
Double Action Laser - '1' and '2' (red and green laser toggling)
Laser Sight - '3'
Flashlight - '4'
Collimator Sight - '5' (change aim mark)
Texture Sizes: 10x4096 , 25x2048 , 1x512, 5x64
Collision : Yes, custom
Vertex Count (in order [lod0, lod1, ucx]):
Double Action Laser DBAL: 4 322, 2 676, 70
Holographic Collimator Sight: 1 326, 928, 38
Laser Sight: 510, 354, 36
Flashlight: 956, 667, 38
Silencer Round 1: 576, 365, 58
Silencer Round 2: 464, 288, 34
Silencer Square: 346, 218, 48
LODs : Yes
Number of Meshes : 21 (7 original meshes, 7 additional lods and 7 collisions)
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 15
Number of Textures : 41
Intended Platforms : Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Oculus
Platforms Tested : Windows
Documentation Included : No



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