Warehouse Pallets Collection

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A large collection of various warehouse pallets. Each asset is easily customizable with PBR and color options. Use these high quality assets to enrich your Warehouse and Industrial environments.

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Closeup Turntables of each pallet on ArtStation

Panorama 360 screenshots

Need that last bit of spice for that Warehouse or Industrial environment? Look no further. These low poly, high-quality PBR warehouse pallets are easily customizable and perfect for any game level for any genre.

This collection contains various pallets of a different kind: modern, sci-fi, old, used and other types to your taste.

Pack features:

  • 17 types of pallets
  • 47 pallet color/texture variations and can be added more
  • Master Materials to control roughness, color and paint intensity
  • Efficient usage ORM texture maps (Occlusion, Roughness, Metalness)
  • LOD’s usage
  • Standard fixed size 120cm x 120cm (hardsurface pallets can be snapped)

Technical Details

Physically Based Rendering: Yes

Textures resolution:

  • Albedo - 4096x4096
  • Normal - 4096x4096
  • ORM - 4096x4096 (Occlusion, Roughness, Metalness)
  • Mask - 4096x4096 (some pallets have colored id map with mask in alpha channel)
  • Texture resolution in UE4 decreased to 2048 (may be changed back)

Collision: Automatically generated

LODs: Yes (where needed)

  • 47  x Static meshes
  • 48  x Master materials and material instances
  • 143 x Textures

Platforms Tested: Windows

Documentation Included: No

1 x Demo map

1 x Asset overview map



Author's ArtStation

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