VR Interactive App for Customizing Apartment

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VR Interactive app that let you customize material, color, toggle light, grab object easily with line trace (HTC VIVE)

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You can use this project as a sample to learn, or show it to your client as a demo, or build your own VR interactive application with function like: changing material, switching color, grab object, toggle light. The project is 100% Blueprint.



  •  Changing material
  •  Switching color
  •  Grabbing object
  • Toggling light
  • Using line tracing to interact

Recommend furniture asset pack to use with VR here

Support email: bazicproductionm@gmail.com

Technical Details

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: YES

Texture Size:

  • 256x32 [1]
  • 128x128 [4]
  • 256x256 [16]
  • 512x512 [8]
  • 1024x1024 [50]
  • 2048x2048 [24]
  • 4096x1024[1]
  • 4096x4096 [10]
  • 8192x2048 [1]

Collision: Only some certain object has.

Vertex Count: 16 - 34908

LODs: Only some certain object has.

Number of Meshes: 145

Number of Materials: 31

Material Instances: 118

Number of Textures: 115

Supported Development and Target Build Platforms: Desktop 64 bit for HTC VIVE


Important Notes:

  • Only need one controller to work at a time, if you turn on both controllers, only one will be able to interact with the scene.
  • Only work with HTC VIVE. (To work with OCULUS RIFT, you need to change the eye level and button mapping)
  • Images used are from Pixabay.com which is FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE.
  • If Unreal ask you to change the project's name into a shorter name, just simply change the .uproject file's name.

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