VR Interactions Pack

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VR Interaction pack that contains 7 interactive controls and 10 grabbing options. (HTC VIVE Only )

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.14 - 4.15


Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpBd39z8VNY

VR Interactions pack contains generic mechanisms that can be used to create any VR based game. If you’re inspired by variety of interactions provided by “Job Simulator” or “Surgeon Simulator”, this package is for you. To be more clear on how to use it, more than 15 interaction examples has been prepared. You can use them freely in your project and create new ones that base on them.

Technical Details

7 Interactive controls:
- Button (no physics, two states)
- Lever 1 (parametrized, output 0-100 %)
- Lever 2 (parametrized, output 0-100 %, precise grab)
- Slider 1 (parametrized, output 0-100 %)
- Slider 2 (parametrized, output 0-100 %, precise grab)
- Crank 1 (calculates rounds, output degrees)
- Crank 2 (calculates rounds, output degrees, precise grab)
10 grabbing options:
- Picking 1 (no constraints)
- Picking 2 (rotation snap to controller)
- Picking 3 (soft physics grab, no constraints)
- Picking 4 (rotation snap to controller, soft physics grab)
- Picking 6 (custom grab location, no rotation constraint)
- Picking 7 (custom grab location, rotation snap to controller)
- Picking 8 (custom grab location and rotation)
- Picking 5 (interaction cancelled by object)
- Complex picking 1 (many components, only one interactive)
- Complex picking 2 (many components, more than one interactive)
Compatibility: Unreal Engine 4.14, 4.15



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