VR Gun ToolKit

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VRGunToolKit is designed for a fast and scalable creation of physically interactive weapons for VR.

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Preview: https://youtu.be/qhjRDgVsrzE
Support thread on forums
Tutorial Video
The VRGunToolKit is designed to be a fast and scalable way to create weapons for VR that you can physically interact with.
The toolkit is accessible and easy to read, the entire code is fully commented and provided with documentation on each function, variable, an in-editor tutorial, as well as videos showing how to setup the guns for the toolkit.
The system allows the users to customize and interact with multiple parts of the weapon, for example :
- Hold items (guns, bullets, magazines)
- Pull the slider back with your hand
- Load magazines in and out
- Pump a shotgun
- Hold the weapon with two hands
- Manually add bullets inside magazines
- Pull the hammer or the trigger.
From easy to complex weapons, you can use the code for an arcade game or in a realistic simulation, of any genre.
Fully customizable, the user can set up the gun meshes, sounds (slider, magazine, firing sounds, reload, bullet impact depending of surface type, and physical drop/collision sound module), effects (decals, particle effects), number of bullets per magazine, firing type (single action, double action, full auto), slider behavior and many others, making the system work out of the box with most common firearms, and easily scaling to fit more specific needs.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 35

List of Features:

The entire toolkit is made entirely with Blueprints, we provide:

- 2 example characters: a standard actor and an arcade character that always has weapons available on his hips.

- 5 types of firearms ready to use ready to use: Pistol, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, “Space gun”, and an arcade version of the Pistol

- Several sounds for each gun action

- Physical impact sound module

- Example targets (dummy, destructible objects and targets)

- 2 Levels for testing : Desert shooting range and Demo room showcasing all functionality of the kit.

Engine Compatibility: 4.14 - 4.17

Intended Platform: Windows - HTC Vive / Oculus

Platforms Tested: HTC Vive / Oculus

Documentation Included: Yes, Latest documentation can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6lDwjbn2dQlYVVtRlItQ283eG8/view



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