Volumetric Lighting BP

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Now with Fog and Dust! A flexible, efficient, blueprint-driven volumetric lighting solution for 4.12 and up.

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Preview: youtube.com/watch?v=29V3We_it_4

Now with Fog and Dust!

A workaround for achieving volumetric lighting in Unreal Engine 4.12 and up using a single drop-in blueprint that handles simulating volumetric lighting in your worldspace. Any light source that affects translucent lighting will simulate volumetric lighting. Using only in-editor tools and assets made in Blender, this system performs comparatively to industry-standard volumetric lighting solutions, utilizing optimizations like frustum culling, scalable sample quality, and three pre-set render distances, as well as artistic tools like automatic or manual color selection and density control, without the need for any C++ or custom HLSL code. Instantly ramp up the atmosphere in your project on the Windows platform, simply by dragging the blueprint actor into your level and assigning your directional light-source.

Technical Details

Render Cost: 2ms at max render distance and quality

Materials: 2

Meshes: 4

Misc: 3

Blueprint: 1

Intended Platforms: Windows

Platforms Tested: Windows



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