Village Prop Pack for Small Town/Village

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Village Prop Pack for Small Town/Village. Includes a fence that can be put together how you'd like and various objects found in the farming area of a small town or village.

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SOON TO COME: Shovel and Pitchfork re-model/re-texture

Updated Textures include: Axes and Cleavers completely re-texture with 4k resolution.

This pack includes a full fence pack with various items that can be used as props within a small town or village. The Corn, tomato trellis, and potato plant are all separate from the actual vegetables. This can be used if you'd like the player to harvest any vegetable in the pack. There are five different axes. Three have no engravings and they include blood texture, clean texture, and dirty texture. Two of the axes have "Harrison" engraved on them to give it more depth (made up brand). Those include a clean texture and a blood texture. There are four meat cleavers that are separated into two categories like the axes. One set has "Cooper Cleaver" engraved on the handle they come with blood and clean textures. The other set has no engraving and comes with blood and clean textures.

The fence pack can be easily put together and taken apart to arrange in a patter that fits best for you, a video will be provided when I get time to record and upload.

The pack also includes two crates, a plain one and one with the word "Corn" painted on it.

It also includes one vine, which I was using to hang from the fences.

Technical Details


  •  13 Fence pieces including the ends of the fence and two gates (One partially opened and one closed)
  •  Two Crates (One labeled corn and one plain)
  • Corn Stalk
  • Corn both with husk and without husk
  • Tomato trellis
  • Tomatos
  • Potato Plant
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce
  • Wooden Cow Feeding Trough (one with food and one empty)
  • Butcher Table (One with blood and one clean)
  • Wheel barrel
  • Hay stack
  • Hay ground stack (used to line the haystack as shown in the pictures above)
  • Five axes (Two with Harrison engraved on it, one has blood one is clean. The three that do not have engraving include blood texture, clean texture and dirty texture)
  • Four meat cleavers ( Two with Cooper Cleaver engravings and two with no engraving. Each set contains a bloody and clean texture)
  • Shovel
  • Rusty Pitchfork
  • Gardening Hoe
  • One vine (I used to hang from fences)

Texture Sizes:

  • 2K Resolutions for each mesh, created in Substance.
  • 4k Resolutions for axe and cleaver textures.
  • All materials have material instances created.

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, handmade

LODs: Yes, handmade

Number of Meshes: 44

Supported Target Build Platforms: Mac, PC, Xbox One, PS4



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