SUPERFUNTIMES Grass and Clovers Materials

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This is a material pack featuring several combinations of short grass and clovers, made from scratch with realistic scaling (tested in VR)!

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The pack includes:

  • “Standard Materials”: Diffuse/Specular/Roughness/Normal/Ambient Occlusion
  • “Standard Displacement Materials”: Same as standard, but includes tessellation with displacement maps.
  • “Distance-Scaled Standard Materials”: These are the standard materials, but blueprinted to scale differently at a distance. This helps break up repetition if this material is going to be used at great distance, while not causing much of a performance hit.
  • “Distance-Scaled Displacement Materials”: These are the same as Distance-Scaled Standard Materials but include displacement maps.
  • “Parallax Materials”: These look terrific, particularly when occluding models, but cause a bit of a performance hit. Great for detailed spots.
  • “Displaced Parallax Materials”: Parallax Materials that also include tessellation.
  • “Grunge Standard Materials”: These are the standard materials, but with a special color-mapped texture blueprint that adds a lot of variation to the material. Looks great, but more of a performance hit than Standard Materials.
  • “Grunge Displacement Materials”: Same as Grunge Standard Materials, but with displacement maps.
  • Landscape Materials: Landscape materials are set up for all of the material types with the exception of parallax (too expensive – though if you have a solution it would look great). Naturally this includes all size variations as well as the above material types.
  • Test Level: A simple example scene with all materials set out on example tiles, with a small landscape model to test on, set to the Unreal Marketplace's default example scene standards.  

Technical Details

Features: (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of the product)

  • Materials: 8 types, with landscape materials for all, including size variations, for a total of 114 materials. 18 of these are combined landscape materials.  
  • Textures: With all sizes, there are a total of 60 main textures, and one grunge texture (with four separate textures hidden in individual R/G/B/A channels).
  • Commenting: All materials are heavily commented, as they are all designed for different situations and cause different performance results. This makes this pack particularly useful for those who are learning, and even more useful to those who want to reverse-engineer a pack.  
  • Example Level: Includes a simple landscape set to the Unreal Marketplace's default scene settings. Example tiles of each material have been set out for users to look through, and an example landscape has been set up with associated landscape layers for users to test materials, migrate sections, or copy/paste blueprint nodes from. See example pics.  

Texture Resolutions: (complete list)

  • 2048
  • 1024
  • 512

Number of Materials:115

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: (Yes/No) No

Number of Textures: 61

Supported Development Platforms: Any

Supported Target Build Platforms: Designed on 4.16.

Documentation: Including in blueprint commenting.

Important/Additional Notes:



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