VICODynamics: Rope/Cloth/Soft-Body Simulation Plugin

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A plugin for Unreal Engine 4 to use the VICO Dynamics soft-body physics library.

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This library essentially engine independent, but it also simulates a much more accurate system with higher performance, support for multi-threaded and async simulation.

Feature Rundown:


Can now simulate cloth, either procedurally created sheets or by converting Static Meshes into Cloth, with collision, attachments, tension constraints, drag modifiers, applied forces and physically simulated wind with support for Occlusion! And volume preserving soft-bodies are coming soon followed by fluids.

The beauty of using a particle based simulation is that you are never limited in what you can create out of particles and constraints.

Another big feature of VICO Dynamics; is that it runs on the CPU. This means it supports a wide variety of platforms: PC/Mac/Linux, Mobile and Console! No dependencies to any hardware. Has been tested on Windows/Linux/Mac, Xbox One, PS4/Pro and is being tested on the Nintendo Switch now. NOTE: Console access requires source.

To receive source access to this plugin or the physics library via GitHub and have access to the very latest test versions, send an email with your Marketplace receipt and your GitHub username to

If you already own a license to VICO Dynamics, you already have access to this plugin via GitHub!

Technical Details

Technical Details: Intended Platforms: Windows, Mac, VR (Consoles supported with access to Source)

Example Project:

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