VFX Fire Pack

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Inside are various fire effects for all of your burning needs.

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Videos: https://youtu.be/uhwAPEltnWg

The fire pack contains twelve complete fire effects for placement in your environments. Fires range from a tiny candle flame to a roaring fire. Fires for torches, frames, and different shape wood beams included. Some effects include fire jets and drips for pipes. All fires have lights included in their construction and have parameters to change them in your environments. Smoke materials are lit and are also set up with parameters.

- candle flames
- torch flames
- campfires
- sized ground fires
- fire jets
- fire drips
- horizontal and vertical fires for placement fire
- looping fire, smoke, ember, and noise textures
- fire, smoke, ember, and distortion materials.

Release 2: 9/13/2015
This release provides more control via blueprint for the fire effects.

Version 4.12: Added particle trimming to all fire effects.

Inside are a set of Light control blueprints and a new Environmental blueprint connected to all of the above effects. The _light blueprints provide controls for lights while the environmental (ENV) blueprints provide controls for the whole effect set. These blueprints give you more control depending on what you might need for your game.

Technical Details

Designed for Desktop

How to use the firepack video: http://youtu.be/6kXg1y6ET_o

All fire effects are built using the forward (positive x) as a direction, and are set with parameters for alpha and vertex colors to change your fire and smoke as you need.

Blueprints: 24
Materials: 18
Particles: 36
Textures: 14



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