Vega's Clicker Toolkit

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A toolkit to get you up and running with a variety of features that you would expect to see in a clicker (incremental as it may be known as) type game.

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The Vega Clicker Toolkit was designed to be blueprint only, memory efficient and a great starting point for anyone wishing to create a finished product with ease.

This is done by the use of a lot of customization options which allow you to shape your game and ideas to what ever you wish.

Technical Details

EpicLeaderboard support with medals for rankings.
Stage setup with plenty of options such as length of stage, drop rate, rare rates, drop tables and more.
Customizable stats (name and affects)
Rare enemy titles
Rare item titles
NPC names, visuals, attack power and much more.
Damage/health ratios and values to allow you to set any amount of damage or health to fit you needs.
Variety of customisation options that range from loss of gold on death, potion healing percentage all the way to leader boards ID/Key if it is being used.
Option to use leader boards or clicks to kill.
Level/ EXP system.
Preset player stat behaviour but editable.
Party member recruitment (auto attack)
Party member upgrade system.
Inventory system (option for maximum inventory)
Equipment screen (optional slot names)
Structs that data tables are based upon for easy editing.
All settings inside of data tables, easily viewable.
Enum values for their index and names to slot items/assign skills.
Username for leader boards.
Settings for resolution, full screen mode and sound volume that save.
Potions/health system.
Re spawn/death system.
Gold system.
UI animation system for feedback to the user.
Full combat system with bosses at the end of each major stage.
Message alert system.
Full safety check for references used to ensure there is no null calls and thus reducing possible errors significantly.
Full UMG, no actors.
Pause menu with manual and auto saving.
Snapshots of your progress is saved so when you return everything is the same.
Dynamically loaded assets through asset ID for memory management.
Randomised dungeon system which offers full freedom of choice.

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