Urns and Amphoras of Elixir

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Ancient Urns and Amphoras of Elixir - Populate your levels and games with these magical urns and amphoras.

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The pack consists of two high quality magical urns and nine amphoras/vases for next generation games. Ideal for RPG and FPS levels and games. Adding these to your collection is a guaranteed way to add atmosphere and interest to your scenes. PBR materials, 4096 and 2048 textures with full LOD meshes.

Technical Details

PBR Materials
Urns - 4096 Textures
Amphora/Vases - 2048 Textures
5 Sets of LODs for each mesh in total
Tri Count - Range from 1320 to 31744
Number of Materials: 11
Number of Meshes: 11
Intended Platform: PC and consoles
Platforms Tested: PC
Documentation Included: (No)



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