ULTRAGlass Shader

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The ULTRAGlass shader is a high quality, highly customizable shader that will transform all glass objects in your projects!

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The ULTRAGlass shader is a high quality, highly customizable glass shader which comes with 6 meshes, 5 materials and 15 preset instances for you to experiment with.

The glass shader allows you to customize the aberration, imperfection maps, normal maps, refraction, caustic and base color, and various other variables, which can be seen in the instance window in the images above.

You can add your own normal and imperfection maps to the glass shader, or disable them completely, the choice is yours!

Technical Details


  •  Photo-realistic glass shader.
  •  Ultra customizable, including features such as imperfection maps, normal maps and aberration.
  •  Includes meshes to test out the materials on.
  • Various other materials and instances such as opaque glass and glass borders.

Number of Textures:8

Textures & Texture Resolutions:

  1. ImperfectionMap1 - 1024x1024
  2. ImperfectionMap2 - 1024x1024
  3. ImperfectionMap3 - 1024x1024
  4. ImperfectionMap4 - 1024x1024
  5. NoImperfectionMap - 1x1
  6. DottedNormal - 512x512
  7. NoiseNormal - 512x512
  8. WavyNormal - 512x512

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes

Number of Materials: 5 Materials, 15 Instances

Number of Meshes: 6



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