Ultra Map (Ultimate Minimap System)

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A mini map system inspired by most popular video games. It offers point, area and path rendering with lots of customization settings changeable at runtime. Renders in circular, rectangular or any shape defined by vertices.

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  • Supported Engine Versions


YT Video


  • Simple / advanced
  • Point classes - can be used to define the look of multiple actor classes
  • Opacity changes by vertical distance
  • Sweeping points close to player
  • Hiding points close to player
  • Docking points
  • Option to use actor rotation to point's rotation
  • Rotating docked points by the angle between them and the player
  • Size blending between the size of a docked point and a normal point
  • Deflating points going out of range


  • Auto subdivison
  • separate points OR connected lines
  • Width and color settings
  • Precision parameter
  • Path following surveillance (if player ignores the path, a message listener will be called)
  • Removal of old path points and complete path removal once player reaches its end


  • Both areas and points can tell the mini map if they want to look differently
  • Recognition of local and global points can be defined at runtime (e.g. you can tell mini map to recognize banks, bars and other buildings once player approaches the city)
  • You can stop the recognition of certain actors (e.g. stop recognizing banks, bars etc. when player goes to countryside)
  • An actor (or pawn) can behave both as local or as global (can tell mini map what it wants to be and change it any time) . If a player sets bank as a destination - bank can tell minimap to stay docked
  • Path can be redefined anytime
  • Sending click messages to actors and listener

Adjustable minimap and point material

Technical Details


  • Minimap system
  • Minimap drawing tools and materials
  • Showcase level with usage examples

List of important assets:

1 Widget Blueprint

2 Actors

1 Blueprint Struct

1 Blueprint Interface

1 Character Blueprint // in the preview level

5 Render Targets

1 Texture (baked texture of a player point)

2 Materials

1 Material Instance

1 Actor (for 3D rendering)

6 default point/area Materials

Number of Blueprints (that make up the minimap-not the entire showcase level): 4

Default project input: Mouse, Keyboard

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows (probably others too but I have not tested it yet)

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows (probably others too but I have not tested it yet)

Contains in-engine tutorials + parameters description when hovering over them.

Tutorials and tips and tricks videos as well as any new features will soon be available on my YouTube channel (click here)

Additional Notes: You can define any shape by vertices, but you need to use your own opacity mask in the material if you are not using the default generated shapes. Scaling changes apply both to your own and default shapes. You can use the included widget Blueprint to draw your own shape and get exact vertex coordinates.




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