Ultimate Skills and Talents Component

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Standalone actor component that provides system to create custom skill trees and make use of them on during the game.

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Ultimate Skills and Talents Component (USTC) is fully blueprinted functionality that allow users to add skill systems to their projects. Create skill trees, fill them with abilities and talents and access them on runtime. Single and multiplayer ready.


  • easy to implement Actor Component
  • skills created through data tables
  • skill types (active, passive etc.)
  • skill cooldown
  • skill requirements
  • skills can be unlocked by other skills or manually on demand
  • skills can be upgraded or degraded
  • custom Skill Tree creator
  • supports multiple Skill Trees
  • Quick Access Bar (Hotbar)
  • save and load
  • two drag&drop methods

Technical Details

Documentation: LINK

Playable demo: LINK

Demonstration video: LINK

Skill Tree Creator video: LINK

Discord: LINK

Number of Blueprints:


  •    1 Actor Component
  •    2 Blueprint Interfaces
  •    1 Save Blueprint
  •    10 Widget Blueprints


  •    4 basic Blueprints (game mode, player controller, game instance, character)
  •    3 additional Character Blueprints (hero classes for demo purposes)
  •    7 additional Blueprints (skills for demo purposes)

Input: Mouse + Keyboard

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Any

Supported Target Build Platforms: Any (but since it uses Mouse to interact with widgets it will require few adjustments to target platform controls)

Demo contains custom character model used only for presentation purposes, thus it is not rigged to epic skeleton.



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