Ultimate Inventory and Equipment Component

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Complete set of blueprints ready to be added to your project. Create extensive grid or slot based inventory, equipment, stash and vendor systems to enhance your game within minutes.

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Ultimate Inventory and Equipment Component (UIEC or UIC) is complete set of blueprints ready to be added to your project. Easily add mechanics such as inventory, equipment, stash and vendor to you game. You can create standard slot-based containers or more advanced grid-based ones.

Components work in both single and multiplayer games.


  • slot-based or grid-based containers
  • adjustable containers and items size
  • items created through data table
  • inventory system
  • stash/chest system (for storage and loot)
  • vendor system
  • equipment system
  • possibility to lock specific slots (eg. 2h sword excludes offhand slot and shield cannot be equipped)
  • equipment system supports static and skeletal meshes
  • simple pick up and drop functions
  • items are moved by click&drop operation (both drag and drop actions are performed on LMB click)
  • items can be also moved between containers with single click (by default requires hold Ctrl button)
  • items tooltip and slots highlight
  • designed to work with single and multiplayer games
  • simultaneous access to stash and vendor in multiplayer games
  • *NEW* items can execute special effects like healing potion, magic scroll or boxes that contains other items (update 1.1)
  • *NEW* Quick Access Bar that allows using items with single button pressing, aka Hotbar (update 1.1)

Technical Details

Playable demo: LINK

Documentation: LINK

Demonstration video: LINK

System consists of:

  • 3 actor component blueprints
  • 9 widget blueprints
  • several structures, enums and data table

Additionally, demo has:

  • 6 standard blueprints (game mode, controller, character etc.)
  • 1 widget blueprint (demo UI)
  • many simple materials, meshes and textures used to present usage of systems

Input: Mouse

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Tested on Windows, but should work on other as well

Supported Target Build Platforms: Any that supports "clicking"

Additional Notes: This pack contains free icons from game-icons.net..



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