Ultimate Attributes and Stats Component

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The standalone actor component that provides system to create stats, attributes, leveling, apply buffs and effects over time.

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What is Ultimate Attributes and Stats Component (UASC)?

It is an actor component that can be added to any actor through Blueprints. It provides complex and highly customizable character's statistics system. Moreover, it also contains leveling system, ability to apply buffs and effects over time. All systems are created to work in single and multiplayer without any additional changes.

UASC is used to quickly create attributes and stats for characters or any other actors. You can create any amount and types of attributes or stats.

It contains built-in leveling system to add progression ability to characters (and gain points to spend them on attributes). Each level can be customized (XP needed, points awarded, custom rewards).

Buffs/Debuffs System allows creating any amount of positive or negative timed bonuses that will directly affect attributes and/or stats.

Effects over time System allows creating any amount of timed effects that do not affect actor directly but execute specific actions every given amount of time. (Like burning, regeneration, hunger etc.).

Perks System allows further passive increment of stats and attributes by custom values (also supports disproportionate values).

Playable demo: LINK

Preview Video: LINK

Technical Details


  • easy to implement single actor component
  • add attributes and stats to characters or actors
  • built-in customizable leveling system
  • buffs and debuffs system
  • effects over time system
  • works with single and multiplayer
  • premade widget parts (buff/effect slots, stat/attribute slots, character windows, on hover tooltip)
  • extensive documentation (commented Blueprints + separate documentation file)
  • simple built-in save system (update 1.1)
  • gamepad support (update 1.1)
  • default attributes and stats sets (update 1.2)
  • scaling attributes and stats with level (update 1.2)
  • 3 new stats and attributes calculation methods (update 1.3)
  • *NEW* perks system (update 1.4)
  • *NEW* reimplemented and simplified widgets communication (update 1.4)
  • *NEW* moved most of buffs and effects data to data tables (update 1.4)

Number of Blueprints:


  • 1 actor component
  • 6 blueprint interfaces
  • 1 blueprint function library
  • 12 widget blueprints
  • 1 SaveGame blueprint


  • 5 standard Blueprints (game instance, player controller, character etc.)
  • 1 widget Blueprint (custom HUD)

Input: Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Tested on Windows, but should work on other as well

Supported Target Build Platforms: All

Documentation: LINK

Forum thread: LINK

Important/Additional Notes: This pack contains free icons from game-icons.net



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